Using Guide

WAON’s reservation services are provided with Stayfolio platform.

For inquiries, please contact +82-0504-0904-2348.

Check In - Check Out

16:00 - 11:00


- Infants and children is also included on the number of personnel, and the maximum an excessive number of people not admission.

- Minors without guardians and pets are not allowed.

- Visitors are not allowed to enter the room more than the number of people booked, and the guest is responsible for that.

- Bedding will be arranged according to the number of people you booked. 

- If you sleep more than 3 nights, we will arrange a room including bedding and towels.

- If you have damaged or lost accommodation facilities and furniture, you can be requested compensation. 

- You cannot cook food (meat, fish, etc.) that smells and smoke inside the room.

- CCTVs are installed at the gate for your safety and prevention of theft.

- We specialize in disinfection through contract with a quarantine company. Please understand that you can see bugs or pests due to the nature of the environment. You can't get a refund while staying in a room due to a bug.

- The temperature of the hot water is maintained at around 35 degrees, and it is difficult to turn on the hot water to raise or adjust it to the desired temperature. Please refer to it before making a reservation.

Reservation Guide

- After payment is made and completed, we will send you a confirmation message.

- Reservation will be canceled if the payment is not made within 12 hours.

- If conflicting reservations exist for the same room on the same day, the earlier request will be given priority.

- Cash receipts can be issued when payment is made. Please make a request at the time of reservation.

- To change or cancel reservations, please call or text on +82-0504-0904-2348.

- Commercial photography, video photography (including advertising, product photography, shopping malls, and SNS markets) and drone photography, which are not previously discussed, is not available.

Information of Therapy House (Spa place)

- The filter and temperature maintenance device connected to the bath are operating. Never drain the water out because removing the drain cap will cause error. Water continues to be purified through circulation.

- You can't use petals, potpourri, and herbs because they can cause drainage problems.

- Windows of spa place can be converted into transparent or opaque windows using the remote control.

- Please be aware of the instructions when using dry sauna and take extra care not to cause any accidents such as burns.


Base / Max
Weekday(Sun - Thu)Weekend &
Peak season

The peak season is July and August.

- Infants and children is also included on the number of personnel.

- When exceeding the standard number of people, 20,000 won will be charged per person per night extra.

Consecutive Nights Discount

Application CriteriaDiscount Benefit
Off-season except peak season, 
two nights of flat season
(Including weekdays and weekends)
10% discount
on the total amount

At the payment stage when booking, the discount is automatically 


- Promotion discounts are not duplicated.

Barbecue Grill

- We will prepare it only for those who applied before the noon on the day of check - in. (p.m. 12)

- The barbecue tool costs 30,000 won. We prepare barbecue equipment on the side of the yard. You can use it by making a fire yourself. 

- If you can’t use it due to weather problem, we will refund.

- It's a quiet residential area. Please be careful not to make any noise late at night.

Refund Policy

Please refer to the refund policy below.

100% refund can be made if cancellation certificates are provided for flight/ship cancellation due to bad weather.

10 days before100% Refund
9 days before90% Refund
8 days before80% Refund
7 days before70% Refund
6 days before60% Refund
5 days before50% Refund
4 days before40% Refund
3 days beforeNO CHANGE / NO REFUND


When you arrive at Jeju International Airport and search for ‘8-15, Hamdeok 5-gil’ on the navigation system, you will be directed to the destination of the entrance to the village in 30 minutes, about 18 kilometers east side of Jeju. Meet the new town and follow the winding road a little deeper and deeper, and you’ll find WAON.

It's a narrow alley where it's hard to get into, so you can park in a public parking lot and walk a little bit to come here.

If you take a bus, take bus No. 326 from Jeju International Airport and get off at ‘Ocean Research Institute’ stop, and WAON is located about 5 minutes away.